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Underride Truck Crashes Could Become Survivable

Truck Underride Accident

A bill currently in the U.S. Congress, the Stop Underride Act of 2017, would require interstate trucks to have guards on the front of trucks and sides of trailers to prevent smaller vehicles from going under trucks during accidents. If passed, the legislation would also require the strengthening of ...

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Truck Crashes Are Sometimes the Result of Bad Roads-Even in Texas!

Road Construction Accident

Texas sometimes has a reputation for having good roads. After all, we don’t get much snow or ice. Everyone knows that we love to drive and often take long trips—it’s a very big state. Unfortunately, Texas is not immune from bad road conditions that can cause significant truck crashes. In addi...

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Elevated Truck Beds Increase Risk of Catastrophic Injuries

Dump Truck

We’ve all seen it: a gravel or dump truck barreling away from a sand pit or work site with its empty bed raised. Most people think nothing of it, except that perhaps the driver was anxious to get back to the next delivery. However, a Houston trucking accident this past summer shows that drivers wh...

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Truck Spills Add to Dangers of Crashes

Truck Accident Spill

Truck crashes wreak havoc. Truck accident statistics report deaths, dismemberment, burns, brain injuries and other catastrophic consequences. Less frequently reported are the stories of events that follow truck crashes. In particular, spills of product from the trailer during a truck crash can make ...

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Finding Enough Insurance After a Catastrophic Truck Accident

Hospital Emergency Room Sign

In most truck accident cases, the drivers are independent owner/drivers. They are with small carriers that have few assets. And they generally purchase the minimum amount of liability insurance required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA): $750,000.In the event of a catast...

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Suspended Trucking Regulations: What This Means for Your Safety on the Road

If there is an emergency that requires transportation of vital goods and services to a disaster area in the United States, the President, a state governor or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) can declare an suspension of certain trucking regulations. Such a suspension occurred ...

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Driver Shortage Means Increased Risk of Truck Crashes

Driver Shortage and Truck Accidents The United States is currently facing a severe shortage of truck drivers. While this fact is alarming, it isn’t surprising. Driving a semi-truck is hard:There are the long days and weeks—sometimes even months—away from home. Myriad health problems ...

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