Compensation in Truck Accident Claims

Think about your family car. Whether it’s a passenger vehicle (about 2,000 lbs.) or a heavy SUV (about 5,750 lbs.), it’s substantial and large enough to cause significant injury and property damage when involved in a crash.

Now consider an average tractor-trailer. It is 13 times heavier than an SUV and a monstrous 40 times heavier than your family automobile.

Not only is the sheer weight of a truck frightening, it takes a loaded tractor-trailer 20 to 40 percent farther than a car to come to a complete stop. That percentage increases if the road is wet or slippery, or if there are issues with the truck’s brakes.

Given those factors, it is little wonder that an accident involving a truck is more likely to result in a death or injury than an accident between two cars. According to the National Institute of Traffic and Highway Safety, 73 percent of all truck crash injuries and deaths are suffered by people in the vehicle hit by a truck.

What Does Compensation Cover?

These sobering statistics remind us of the caution that both automobile and truck drivers should exercise. Still, accidents do occur, and when they happen between a truck and a smaller vehicle, the outcomes are often serious and long-lasting. That’s why it’s critical that compensation to the victim of a truck accident cover all the expenses that are likely to arise in the wake of a crash.

Among other things, compensatory damages should cover:

  • Funeral expenses: If the unthinkable occurs, compensation should cover the expenses incurred by the family in the event of an accident victim’s death.
  • Medical expenses: From the first visit to an emergency room to every subsequent medical appointment thereafter that is a direct result of the collision.
  • Property damage: This involves repair (or likely) replacement of the vehicle involved in the crash.
  • Lost income: It is imperative to compensate injured victims who are unable to work because of the accident. Both future lost earnings and diminished ability to earn a living should be compensated.
  • Professional fees: Those potential on-going fees that a victim will incur, for example, long-term nursing care, pain management professionals, counselors for emotional distress, attorney fees.
  • Medications/medical equipment: This category includes prescription medications and medical equipment such as wheelchairs, hospital beds, etc. This could potentially include modifications to a vehicle or home to accommodate a disabled victim.
  • Pain and suffering. These have the potential to be on-going and include “loss of enjoyment.” In other words, activities that a victim may have previously enjoyed, such as golfing or running, that they can no longer participate in due to injuries sustained from the accident.

You Deserve Compensation

If you or a family member is involved in a collision with a truck, you will most certainly sustain a loss. You deserve to be compensated. But lawsuits involving trucks are often complex involving multiple factors and parties, including the determined cause of the accident, the truck driver, the trucking company, the truck manufacturer, insurance companies, state and federal laws, and much more.

Call an Attorney Who Specializes in Lawsuits Involving Truck Accidents

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