How to Get Medical Bills Paid After a Truck Accident

Medical bills can be frightening. Without complete health insurance coverage, a stay in the hospital can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many people call our law firm—Ted B. Lyon & Associates, in Mesquite, Texas—after they receive bills demanding payment. They ask us: How will I ever pay this? Is there anything that can be done?

We tell them that there is a way to get medical bills paid after a truck accident—but it requires guidance from an experienced attorney who is willing and able to fight for you. We also tell them:

Get Medical Treatment and Continue Care

Most people who are hurt in truck accidents have no choice but to receive medical care right away. Ambulances are called to the scene of the accident, and many are rushed to hospitals just in time to save their lives.

It is only later, when the cost of medical treatment becomes clear, that people start thinking about skipping care to cut costs. Just because you’re worried about the cost of medical care does not mean that you should put off going to the doctor. Continue to get the treatment you need. If you don’t, the lack of care may be used against you in a trucking accident lawsuit. Insurance companies might argue that your injuries weren’t that serious because you didn’t go to the doctor.

Keep Copies of Your Medical Records and Other Documents

As you get the medical treatment you need, stay organized. Keep copies of your medical records. Note the names of doctors, the dates of appointments, and the important things discussed. If you don’t, you may lose critical information that can help you get your medical bills paid in a truck accident lawsuit.

Don’t Settle Without Talking With a Lawyer

Many people who face steep medical bills are tempted to settle with insurance companies right away. The insurance company may offer to pay your medical bills. In exchange, you give up the right to any future compensation. If it turns out that your injury is worse than you thought, you are out of luck.

So, don’t settle a truck accident claim without talking with an attorney. Your attorney can tell you whether the settlement offer is a good one. He or she may also offer options to help keep the creditors at bay. Sometimes hospitals wait to collect medical bills if they know that truck accident lawsuits are pending.

Be Willing to Go to Court

Your lawyer must be willing to go to court to get those medical bills paid. It’s true that most truck accident cases settle. But the ones that settle for full and fair compensation are the ones in which the attorney has prepared to go to court. If trucking companies and their insurers know that you are serious, they will be more likely to settle your claim for full and fair compensation that will cover your medical bills.

If You Have Received Medical Bills You Can’t Pay…

If expensive medical bills are arriving in your mailbox, do not give up. You may not have to lose your retirement savings, sell your home, declare bankruptcy or any of the other serious options you may be considering. A good lawyer can protect your interests. If a negligent truck driver or trucking company caused your injuries, they should be held responsible for the bills.

Learn more by contacting us to schedule a free and confidential consultation with an attorney at Ted B. Lyon & Associates. There is no obligation to hire us if you feel we’re not a good fit. Truck accident cases are also handled on contingency, so there is no fee unless and until we recover compensation for you.