How to Prepare for Your First Attorney Consultation

At Ted B. Lyon & Associates, we deal with attorneys every day, so we sometimes need to be reminded that talking with an attorney can feel overwhelming.

Many truck accident victims and their families tell us that they were worried about talking with a lawyer. They’re worried that we might judge them for their life experiences or look down on them for not knowing the law. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Here are some tips about preparing for your first attorney consultation at our Mesquite, Texas, law firm that can help put your mind at ease:

Collect Any Records That Look Important

Bring any records with you that you think might be important. It’s better to bring too much than not enough. Consider things like:

  • Any legal documents you’ve received that are related to the accident
  • Police reports
  • Pictures of the accident scene or injures from your cell phone
  • Medical records, including hospital discharge summaries
  • Medical bills
  • Letters from your employer about sick time, returning to work or FMLA
  • Journals or calendars you’ve kept to record your own experience
  • Anything else that worries you

Make a List of Questions

Sometimes, when people get stressed, they forget to ask important questions. Making a list can keep you from forgetting. In the days before the free consultation, jot down any questions that come to mind. Bring the list with you so you’re sure your questions get answered.

Invite a Family Member for Support

The consultation is confidential, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do it alone. Many people who have been seriously injured invite a trusted family member to come with them. Having a loved one with you can help put you at ease. It also means that there will be a second set of ears at the meeting to catch important details.

The Most Important Thing: Do Not Put Off Coming to See Us

We recommend bringing certain documents, making a list and inviting a loved one to your consultation. But, there’s something you should know: Do not put off your free consultation just because your records aren’t perfect or you aren’t perfectly dressed or for any other reason. If a loved one is in the hospital call to schedule an appointment, we may meet at the hospital.

We can figure out the details. What’s important is that you get the help you need right away. The longer you put off talking with an attorney, the more challenging it can be to put together case evidence. Get started by calling Ted B. Lyon & Associates at 214-377-1623 or contacting us online.